Live down in the South Fl area? Well, you could be in for a treat! Professor Roberto Torres will be down in the area for the “Katipunan 2011” event hosted by Gat Puno Abon Baet.

If you’ve been looking to traing with Professor Roberto Torres, this is your chance!

We have special prices for privates, just for this event!

Private Fees for 1 hr:

1 student -$150

2 students – $240 ($120 per student)

4 students – $360 ($90 per student) <— Money Saver Pkg!!!


Get some of your buddies together and take us up on this sweet deal!

Call 760-569-1074 to schedule your private

Thank You



The flyer for the “3rd Knowledge on the River Seminar” is up! Go to  “Seminar/Privates” section and click on “3rd Knowledge on the River Seminar.”  The flyer is up on the “Seminar/Private” section, also there is a printable version.

So make sure to print and get the flyers out there!

This is a seminar you don’t want any one to miss out on! If anyone has ever attended a seminar with Professor Roberto Torres, you know that he gives over and beyond!

Thank You


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. What is Valentine’s Day about ? Love! What does a martial artists  love most??  Well MARTIAL ARTS and LEARNING MORE! Show yourself some love and passion for martial arts by signing up for the 3rd Knowledge on the River Seminar, Oct 1st 2011.


Valentine’s Week Special, Feb 14 – 20th


You can sign up and be registered for the 3rd Knowledge on the River Seminar now! At a great price!

3rd Knowledge on the River Seminar Form

Thank You


Hello Everyone Greetings and a Happy New Year to you!

Hope your year is going great! I know some of you attended the 1st DC ‘s Practical to Tactical Seminar. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it and walked away with a different mindset in martial arts. If you missed out its ok! We have a DVD from the DC’s Practical to Tactical Seminar in production and another seminar coming!

On October 1st, 2011 we will be having our 3rd Annual Knowledge on the River seminar! Sign up early, you won’t regret attending!

Also we’ve just updated the website, now you can become a Member of  Talio!! How exciting! Just click on over to the Membership section, fill out the form and you’re ready to become an official Talio practitioner!

Thank You


Click the picture for a full page PDF version of the flyer you can print

Click the picture for a full page PDF version of the flyer you can print

Shifu Sean Seaforth of DC is proud to announce DC’s PRACTICAL TO TACTICAL SEMINAR, presenting TALIO martial arts containing kuntao & silat techniques and principles founded by Professor Roberto Torres.

Shifu Sean can be reached at 202-656-0092 for more info.


  • Emery Recreation Center 5701 Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington D.C., DC 20011-2952


  • Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 7PM-9PM
  • Saturday, January 15th, 2011 at 10AM-4PM

You are getting 8 hours worth of martial arts knowledge from Professor Torres.

To register click here now!


Posted: July 3, 2010 in TALIO
"Have the heart of a lion and the mind of an eagle.” – Roberto  Torres

“Have the heart of a lion and the mind of an eagle.” – Roberto Torres

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